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Monsur - Remote Password Recovery

Get all your log's over secure port forwarding to you windows device. It was never such easy to generate the .exe file for your clients. There are just a low amount of av detections on the end file. Make sure to take a view to the pictures above... the tool includes a lot features like anti vm, persistent, self injection, anti deepfreeze and many more... Remote Password Recovery is a remote computers password auditing program and security test tool, it retrieves passwords for software products saved on local or remote network computers. With this software you will be able to find and recover a lost or forgotten passwords, save and keep an up-to-date backup of all your software passwords in a central location. Remote Password Recovery retrieves passwords from network computers and helps network administrators to examine the security of their networks by executing an audit of saved software passwords. By exposing insecure passwords, Remote Password Recovery demonstrates how secure a network is under remote password stealth attack. Remote Password Recovery is a must have tool for network administrators and designed for corporate network password audit. All your lost passwords will be found!